Client Testimonials

We started working with WebLocal back in 2012. I was very skeptical at first to get started with them and letting them take over our online marketing. I was quite active in this and was pretty successful in our efforts, so I was unsure about letting someone else take over and chance messing up what we had already done. We decided to move forward with the services, but only part of what was offered, sort of a trial of the services. After a few weeks we were becoming encouraged because communication was great and we didn’t notice anything being messed up. A few months into it we started to see an increase in our numbers. We finally decided to let them take over fully of our online marketing and we are happy we did! After the first year and a half or so, our Google Analytics numbers doubled and our business was booming. We continue to see significant increases year after year. I would highly recommend their services.

Randy M, Intessa

So happy to have found a company that actually listens to our needs. They have been great through this transition of moving advertising from Phone Books over to the Internet. We started working with them in 2012 and are still a happy client. Communication has been great and they have been very active in helping us make adjustments over the years. Thanks again!

Kim D, Dible Glasser Landscaping

We have worked with WebLocal for over 3 years now. The communication with our consultant Doug has been great. Always very responsive to phone calls and emails. And the team there always gets our edit requests taken care of right away. Overall we are just very pleased with the service and relationship we have with them. Thank you!

Cathy, Calhoun County Medical Care Facility & Marian E. Burch Adult Day Care Center

I have been working with WebLocal for over a year now. When we got started our main focus was to grow the number of parties that were being booked. We have definitely seen an increase in the number of parties and our over all business has steadily increased. Thanks for helping my business.

Anne O, Art Unlimited

At the time I started working with WebLocal, I was locked into a contract with another company and wasn’t getting the results I was promised.  I decided to trust Doug on what he was telling me they could do and move forward with the services he was offering and still finish my contract with my current provider.  Boy was I happy I did!  My entire business turned around completely.  In a matter of a few weeks, I went from wondering when the next job would come in to my phone ringing regularly with new jobs.  I am now booked at least 2 to 3 weeks out ALWAYS!  Thank you so much for the job you have done in helping not only turn my business around but to help it grow.

Jim M, Martin & Son Reglazing