Phone Books Are Dead

We live in the digital age – the age of information – an age where phone books are seemingly obsolete. Why is this? Are there any benefits to advertising your business in the local Yellow Pages? Or, is it time you take your business’s advertising efforts one step further and jump on the digital marketing train.

Let’s look at the ROI of phone book advertising and see how it measures up to digital marketing…

Isabella Anderson (2018) provides an interesting example in her article of how to determine the ROI of phone book investing:

Here’s how to figure out how many phone calls you’d need from one phone book ad for you to break even. First, take the cost of the ad and divide it by your average sale, then, figure out how many phone calls it takes to make a sale. For example, if your ad is $200 and your average sale is $30, and it takes 10 phone calls to make a sale, 200/30=6.6 and 6.6×10=~67 people. That means 67 people would have to call your business from a Yellow Pages ad in order for your phone book advertising to break even. Ten more calls (or one more sale) and you make a whopping $10.

According to MSN, 70% of the American population do not open their phone books before next year’s batch is delivered. That is 70% of people who will not see your advertisement, and a poor, poor return on your investment.

ComScore has found that over half of the U.S. population has replaced the phone book with an online search; this number is growing as mobile usage skyrockets (Anderson, 2018).

Additionally, back in 2014, less than half of the U.S. population was regularly using a phone book, yet today, phone directories remain a $3 billion industry (Anderson, 2018).

There is endless amounts of research supporting the argument that phone books are becoming obsolete. Think about it, when was the last time you cracked open your Yellow Pages? Were you looking up a business, or were you just checking to see if your business was still listed? On the other hand, when was the last time you searched for a business online? We are willing to bet the latter was done most recently.

When you commit to advertising your business in the Yellow Pages, you are not guaranteeing that your listing will be seen. When you invest in digital marketing for your business, you can be certain that your business will get noticed. Digital marketing can position your business to be at the forefront of an internet search. Not only can your business be the first to appear during an internet search, but a significant amount of information about your business can be accessible to potential customers. Your website, Google business page, directory information and reviews, and social media accounts can all appear with one search.

The local exposure you can get from digital marketing is unparalleled. You will be able to reach the high volume of people looking for exactly what you have to offer. It is time for your business to move forward with digital marketing, and realize that phone books are dead.


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What are the benefits of digital marketing? First, let’s discuss what exactly digital marketing means and what it entails. Digital marketing is the promotion or marketing of products and services with the use of digital channels to reach targeted consumers. Digital channels might include a website, social media pages, search engine tools, and online directories.

So, now that we’ve determined digital marketing refers to any promotion of products and services via various forms of electronic channels, we can discuss how your business can benefit from digital marketing.


Your business will reach a much larger audience online by utilizing a variety of digital channels. Much of your business marketing efforts may run on word of mouth or referrals and paper advertisements – this limits your audience. Once your online exposure is enhanced, you will reach a whole other, much larger, audience that you didn’t know existed. The internet is ever-changing and evolving. Face it, most people go online to look for products and services, and to find a local business to buy from. It’s time you get in front of the audience who are seeking to find you.


We have limitless amounts of information at our fingertips. We utilize a variety of search engine tools that teach us a lot about people – what they search for and how they search for it. Using tools like Google Keyword Planner Tool, we are able to determine which keywords potential customers use to search for certain products and services. With this information, we can construct your digital marketing efforts to include the keywords used most often. This is the type of data that will help us to help you target the right audience online.


As previously stated, we have access to limitless amounts of information in the digital marketing world. After all, this is the age of information. We are able to analyze online traffic information to help us better determine what marketing strategy is right for you. With this information, your business will gain insight into customer preferences and what influences their buying patterns.


Digital marketing can put your business in a position of competing head to head with large companies. We can help you develop a competitive advantage online, no matter the size of your business. If you have found yourself competing with larger businesses in your local area, than you are someone who can benefit from enhancing your digital marketing efforts.


You can expect both a higher revenue and ROI by utilizing digital marketing strategies. You will quickly see an increase in conversion rates (the percentage of visitors to your website to achieve a goal out of the total number of visitors). High conversion rates are indicative of successful digital marketing efforts – people want what your business has to offer, and they’re getting it. An increase in conversion rates can greatly benefit your business. In addition, we can generate a better cost-per-lead (CPL) for your business which will in turn give you a better return on your investment (ROI).

WebLocal, Inc. can position your business online in a way that will get you noticed and allow you to experience the many benefits of digital marketing. We want our clients to understand the value of the local exposure we can get them and the volume of people looking for exactly what they have to offer. Digital marketing efforts will enhance your local exposure, which will in turn enhance your business. Get ready to be found.


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