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Money spent on internet advertising has far surpassed money spent on traditional newspaper advertising. Social media ads are a very competitive type of internet advertising. Similar to SEM, social media ads aim to drive clicks to your website. This allows advertisers to reach their business’s qualified demographics, so their social media ads provide an impressive return on investment.

Search engines interpret social media engagements such as likes, shares, views, and tweets as social signals. A social signal is considered a recommendation made by a person, which can positively impact your SEO rankings.


A well-crafted social media page is a great way to create the right impression with anyone new to your brand. Social media platforms allow you to:

  • Give updates regarding your business
  • Engage existing and potential customers
  • Interact directly with customers and build relationships
  • Keep customers’ interest in your business

Social media posts should be engaging and unique to your business. One thing that sets us apart as a marketing company is our focus on individual branding. We don’t use a cookie cutter approach – we want the content we post to your social media to be tailored to you. Through one phone call interview with a client, we’re able to gather enough information for a few months worth of posts. Phone interviews are transcribed so we’re able to capture the personality and vision of each client.


The two key parts of social media are organic traffic and ads. Organic traffic is when you gain followers, likes, and page visits by posting quality content. Posting engaging content to your page regularly can really make a difference in the type of traffic you receive.

Another important aspect to social media is paid advertising. Using a social media platform for advertising can get your content in front of people who otherwise wouldn’t see it. You set the criteria of the audience you want to reach, and paid advertising will get you in front of them. A combination of organic social media efforts and paid advertising will get you the most out of social media marketing. We go the extra mile to make sure we capture the essence of you and your competitive advantage.

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Social Media connects you with your customers, increases brand awareness, and boosts your leads and sales.


We’ll work with you to create professional, inviting social media pages that engage customers and properly represent your business. We can create interesting, unique, targeted social media content on your behalf, or guide you on how to properly do it yourself.