Social Media

WebLocal, Inc. believes in finding the right approach that best fits the client’s goals in the world of social media. We consult with the client to determine which type of involvement they would like to have, as we believe it is important for client’s to be involved with at least one social media platform.

We offer free coaching to help the client be able to manage an entire campaign themselves. On the other hand, we offer a complete hands off approach for clients where we handle the entire campaign, with minimal to no client involvement at all. Or, we can find a balance in between. We pride ourselves on our flexibility and dedication to our clients’ vision.

Social media marketing is an effective strategy that is used to increase brand engagement and drive traffic to a business’s website.

There are two common methods to social media marketing. One method being social media posting, which works to create customer loyalty through brand engagement. The other method is social media advertising, which works to generate new clients by grasping their attention and leading them to your website.


Social Media Advertising and New Clients

Money spent on internet advertising has far surpassed the amount of money spent on traditional, newspaper advertising. Since we live in the information age, this amount will continue to grow, and likely at a rapid rate. Social media advertisements are a very competitive type of internet advertising. Similar to SEM, social media advertisements aim to drive clicks to your website. This allows advertisers to reach their business’s qualified demographics, so their social media advertisements provide an impressive return on investment.


Keep Loyal Customers Using Social Media Posts

A social media page that is well-crafted is an excellent way to create the right impression with an individual who is new to your brand. Social media platforms allow you to:

  • Provide Important Information Regarding Your Business
  • Engage Existing And Potential Customers
  • Interact Directly With Customers And Build Relationships
  • Keep Customers’ Interest In Your Business

WebLocal, Inc. works with our clients to create professional, inviting social media pages that engage customers and properly represent your business. We can write and post interesting, unique, targeted social media content on your behalf, or guide you on how to properly do it yourself.

Search engines like Google, and many more, interpret social media engagement such as likes, shares, views, tweets, and more as social signals. A social signal is considered a recommendation by an actual human being, which can positively impact your SEO rankings.