Google Local Service Ads

Get and stay connected with local customers.

Google’s reach may extend globally—but for local searches—we need a reliable solution in our own neighborhood (and fast)!

What Are Google Local Service Ads?

Google local service ads guarantee that you’ll show up on page one of search results for as long as your budget allows. It’s an excellent way to connect with the people searching for what you offer in your local area.

This format is different than Google AdWords in the sense that you have to meet set requirements in order to qualify. Your ads will appear for customers in your local markets, and you only pay if someone calls you directly through your ad.

Google Local Service Ads

How do they work?

Keywords are what triggers the ads to appear. You’ll find three different businesses displayed in boxes at the top of search results. The ad format allows companies to feature only their name, city, phone number, hours of operation, and review rating. Businesses that maintain high ratings and have strong brand awareness tend to benefit the most from local service ads.

Businesses that qualify for this ad format are prescreened and insured. This is how Google’s able to guarantee the reliability and expertise of a business.

Not every industry fits the bill for local service ads, which is something we’ll help you determine. We work directly with a Google representative to get each client accurately signed up.

Worth it?

Absolutely. We wouldn’t recommend it if we didn’t think so. When customers see your business listed as a local service ad, they’ll know Google guarantees you offer reliable services. The pay-per-call format also provides flexibility on costs.

Take advantage and capitalize on being a leader in your industry with local service ads.

Get your free listing scan report to confirm your information is accurate across the web.

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