On Hold Messaging Service

On Hold Messaging

We’ve all been put on hold. Our nerves rattled by harsh music, or left in uncertain silence, such interruptions can ruin the momentum of a phone call. If business owners had a choice, no customer would have to wait for service. However, some interruptions are unavoidable, and a professionally-produced, on-hold message can keep customers engaged, even if they aren’t talking to a salesman. In some instances, an on-hold message, if done right, can perpetuate a sale by itself.

Your on-hold message is the first impression for your callers – make it memorable by creating brand awareness and promoting services, add-ons and specials while your customers wait.


  • Improves customer experience and satisfaction
  • Reduces number of lost calls
  • Drives callers to your website
  • Increases caller retention
  • Generates new sales
  • Decreases the strain on human resources
  • Improves brand appearance and recognition

70% of callers waiting in silence hang up within 60 seconds. Half of them won’t call back.


On-hold messages provide a powerful way for you to better communicate with your customers. Think of the last time you were put on hold. Did you eventually hang up? Did you have something to listen to? A CNN survey cited by chron.com states that “70 percent of callers who are on hold in silence hang up within 60 seconds; of them, 35 percent won’t call back. Some callers hearing nothing think they were hung up on, while others become more frustrated by the wait.” Let your customers know that you value their time with a professional on-hold message and pleasant background music.

The quality of both the background music and voice can make all the difference. WebLocal offers the best solutions when it comes to on-hold messaging and marketing. Contact us today to learn more.