1. People you approach for setting up a no cost analysis

During the analysis, literally nothing.

We are experts in digital marketing. We work with businesses to determine what their needs are online and implement tools and strategies to fulfill those needs.

Our way of networking. We share valuable information about your business and it gives us the opportunity to network to seek out businesses who could benefit from our paid services. Of course all without any sales pressure.

2. People you meet with for a no cost analysis

Search Engine Optimization. Strategy to feed into the search engines to get you recognized by them and ranked on relevant searches.

Primarily through SEO strategy by outperforming your competitors who are showing up on relevant searches.

Directories have two primary purposes. First, some people actually go to certain directories to look up a business phone number, etc. So your business should show up accurately on directories for that reason. Secondly, because search engines look for this information. They want to see your business listed in popular places and see that you have accurate and consistent information about your business on these platforms.

3. People you meet with for a proposal

Simple, we track, we report back to you, and you also report to us. We take this combined information and make necessary adjustments as we move forward.

It depends on how aggressive you want to be in the strategy we implement as well as the tools we decide are a good fit to implement in your strategy.

Once we understand your products/services, we turn to Google to see how people search to seek out those products/services. Google tracks every search, so we can simply see reports of searches relevant for your business.

Typically, never! We like at-will relationships and believe our clients do as well.

4. Clients

Maybe the budget is used up for the day. Maybe because Google showed you the ad before and you didn’t click on it so they don’t want to show it to you again. Maybe it’s not its turn to show up in the ad rotation. Maybe you did a search we aren’t targeting. There could be other reasons too. Just know that even if you might not see it, that doesn’t mean potential customers aren’t either.

Depends! The type of industry and demand play a big part in how Google comes up with their pricing. But also, how aggressive you want to be.

How aggressive of a plan did you start with? And what tools did we agree to implement? Paid ads can get results quicker than SEO. Plan for a few months to see noticeable results if only focusing on SEO in the strategy.

We provide our clients with the WordPress files that make up their site and they simply have to set up hosting somewhere else. Part of our service is to host the website, so if you cancel services, you are canceling hosting as well.

Of course. Discuss this with your consultant first to make sure it’s the correct decision.

Through the ones we upload on YouTube as well as our own hosting site, busdeo.com.

5. Concerns

Says who? Does your business need more business? If so, how can you afford not to be online?

And we hear this all the time, that’s why we work hard to be different. We hear you and understand.

Happy you see the value in this and how it can help your business. Now, look at it as an investment into your business rather than taking on another expense.

Great! Do you want to stay that way? Then you better be certain you have certain foundational pieces in place for when the cycle changes.

Get your free listing scan report to confirm your information is accurate across the web.

Are you interested in seeing how your online visibility compares to your competitors?

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