As a client of WebLocal, Inc., you will be provided with a local consultant to ensure that your marketing strategy will remain consistently best in class and never outdated. Your local consultant will go over reporting with you on agreed upon time frames.


Project Management

We are a results-based company. At WebLocal, Inc., we consistently analyze and report on your custom digital marketing strategy. We want to ensure you are getting the best return on investment. Your local consultant works with you consistently to go over results, strategies and necessary modifications, including updates on what is working and what is not working.

WebLocal, Inc. focuses more on results rather than execution of a single project. We continually refine the market strategy in place in order to deliver the highest return on your investment.


Dedicated Team

Larger, corporate companies are able to house complete marketing teams including creative developers, IT support, social media experts, SEO and SEM staff, plus, a dedicated project manager. However, not every company is equipped with the resources to support an entire team like the one mentioned.

Digital marketing takes a team, it is not just a one person job. We believe experienced marketing teams should not be seen as a luxury afforded only to big corporations. WebLocal, Inc. aims to help locally owned businesses achieve the same level of digital marketing as large corporations. We don’t just have one person assigned to you, we provide you with the whole team, dedicated to providing necessary updates and enhancements to ensure your company’s marketing strategy stays best in class and up to date.

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  • A Dedicated Project Management Team
  • Continuous Reporting and Updates
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  • A Digital Marketing Strategy That Is Best In Class