Market Research

Market research starts with understanding the demand for the products and services you offer and how potential customers are seeking them out. We are able to configure the best marketing strategy for you by analyzing what is happening in your local area. How can you be certain that potential customers in your local community are finding you?

Once we have a clear understanding about what your business offers and the areas you want to focus on, we do Keyword Research based on your geographic location to find out where the traffic is going.

Once we understand where your potential customers are, we analyze to see who your competitors are and the businesses that are already showing up as an option for those potential customers to call on.

Then, we can begin evaluating the websites of these competitors and perform a competitive analysis. Examining your biggest competition’s strategies will allow you to see what your business should be doing, and will also illustrate what is already working for your business campaign.

Competitors are determined by a number of factors including:

  • Similarity of Products and Services Provided
  • Proximity to Your Business Location
  • Visibility in Digital Searches
  • Similarity in Digital Marketing Platforms

WebLocal, Inc. can help you become the industry leader in your community. Our goal is to help your business become the go-to service in your industry and in your local area. We want your business name to be found everywhere within your community. Our marketing and branding strategies will make your brand compatible with the services your clients are looking for.