SEO Company


The primary focus of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is to increase website visibility on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. SEO increases the number of people visiting your website by achieving higher rankings on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).


There are two ways to perform SEO – the right way and the wrong way.

Search engine algorithms determine search result rankings. These algorithms look at several factors that distinguish proper SEO from improper SEO.

Good SEO consists of keyword research, content with targeted keyword phrases, compelling meta descriptions, header tags and phrases, internal page linking, image tags, and easy to read content.

Good SEO Helps People Find You

Bad SEO Gets You Lost In The Mix

Unfortunately, improper SEO happens all the time, and any traffic that is drawn to a site that isn’t relevant is useless. Some of the most common SEO mistakes include duplicating content, keyword stuffing, creating slow or non-responsive websites, and much more.

Due to the negative nature of poor SEO practices, search engines will penalize websites that use improper SEO and reward websites with solid SEO.

When you work with WebLocal, you’ll never have to worry about poor optimization. We know what’s trending, we know what works, and most importantly, we know what’s best for you.


We know that some of the most qualified searches on the internet come from people looking for local businesses. That’s why we offer strategies that tailor to location so our clients can be found by local customers.

Nearly half of Google searches are local. In fact, local searches represent billions of high-value queries. When people search locally, there’s a much higher conversion rate.


A lot of marketing companies will promise their clients the moon and stars but never deliver. For example, keyword research and optimization are crucial pieces of the SEO puzzle. Some companies will simply tell their clients to trust they’re optimizing the right keywords, without further explanation or reassurance. What often happens is clients won’t see the results they were hoping for. After some time has passed, they might ask the company they’re working with what keywords they’re optimizing. Either the keywords chosen are too broad, not popular searches, or just not applicable. So, how can you be sure the right keywords are getting optimized for your business?

You can work with a company that offers transparency and communication about all aspects of your marketing plan. From the initial consultation and throughout our relationship with clients, we’re performing keyword research. We look at which keywords perform the best within a specific industry and decide which ones to optimize. Since search engines are always changing, we reassess what we’re optimizing for our clients and make necessary changes along the way.

Long-tail Keywords

Not only do we optimize popular search terms, but we really put an emphasis on long-tail keywords. These are terms with longer word counts making them much more specific than searches with fewer words. Let’s use “hot tub” as an example of a short keyword; its long tail counterpart might be “Jacuzzi hot tub stores near me”. The keyword “hot tub” lacks specific targeting. On the other hand, “Jacuzzi hot tub stores near me” will get much more targeted results. Long tail keywords cater to a very specific audience.

Keyword Grouping

Keyword grouping is a way of dividing keywords into small, more manageable groups of related keywords. Doing this allows for optimization on a single page which can greatly improve your ranking potential. Your website will be filled with keywords working for you in a smart and effective way.


Most marketing companies look at SEO from a website standpoint. And while website SEO is important, it’s not the only strategy to look at. There are several SEO strategies that work in conjunction with one another. The key is to diversify.

When you do a Google search, we like to call this an ‘everything search’. Not only do websites appear, but so do videos, social media accounts, pictures, blogs, directories and more. If all these different tools appear with a Google search, why not optimize them? This way, your business is likely to appear on several search results. Just like most marketing companies, we offer website SEO, but unlike other companies, we offer a full range of SEO services that will improve your online exposure in a measurable way.

A website might pick up exposure on searches where a video wouldn’t, and a video might get exposure where a website wouldn’t. Same goes for all available tools we optimize for our clients. And when you tie everything together, SEO is optimal.