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In our case, the catch is that there really is no catch. This analysis is at no cost to you. Plain and simple. The only commitment you’ll make is sitting down with one of our consultants to have a conversation.

Introducing ourselves this way allows us to build valuable relationships from the start. We want you to be successful and we want you to feel confident. This analysis meeting will either reassure you that you’re doing everything right or open your eyes to what more can be done. As a company built on transparency and honesty, we couldn’t imagine starting our relationship with you any other way.


Online marketing is always changing. Not everyone understands what it truly takes to successfully grow your business online. What if your current efforts aren’t paying off like you think they are? Wouldn’t you want to know? We can tell you. Our goal is to have an informative and transparent conversation with you, providing you with information that nobody else will.


  • Discuss current online marketing strategies.
  • Go over three separate reports that were prepared prior to your appointment.
  • Answer questions and provide feedback.


Each report is designed to analyze specific information – your website, SEO, current online exposure, and more.

  • Analysis Report: Overview of keyword searches pertaining to your business and how often you show up with each search in your local area.
  • Listings Scan: Outlines how accurate your business information is listed across many of the top directories.
  • Website Audit: Summary of your website’s current SEO factors, how these factors perform, and how well you rank on search engines.


Our free analysis consists of a four part strategy tailored to the demands of your particular business. Think of it as a report card on your current online exposure.

1. First, the analysis shows us the types of searches being performed to find the products and services you offer, including volume and demand. Since search engines track this data, we can provide factual information to help guide our focus and educate businesses.

2. Second, the analysis tells us what type of exposure you’re getting from the efforts you already have in place – think of it as a report card on your current online exposure.

3. Third, the analysis shows us your brand consistency, including NAP information accuracy, across the internet.

4. And fourth, the analysis provides us with insight on user experience when people interact with your business online.

Listings Scan:

There was a time when your business visibility depended on the help of a large, 4-inch thick phone book. In order for customers to find you, they had to scour manually through it to find your information under a number of various categories. There was no way to decipher how your products or services compared to your competition. The only hope to make you stand out was to purchase a large ad to make your company stand out on an already crowded page.

Those 4 inch thick phone books have slowly been phased out over time, and online directories such as Google, Yelp, Foursquare and many more have taken their place. These directories not only provide the client with your vital information such as phone number, address, and hours, they provide a list of services you provide, photos and reviews. Potential customers can get a good snapshot of what you provide before they ever pick up the phone to call you. But can they find you online? How do you even know if you appear in these multiple directories?

That is why our free listing scan report is vital to you as a business owner. It provides you with a list of the top online directories and how and if your business appears in that search.

But isn’t being listed on Google or having a Facebook page enough? Not quite. It is imperative that every online directory search your company appears in shows the same basic information exactly. This NAP information as it’s known, includes your name, address, phone number, hours and more. If you appear as “the Moving Company” in one directory and “the Moving Co.” in another, this actually drops your rankings in how you will appear in a Google search! Google works in an exact, literal sense. Everything about your business is fed into its engine, and if your information is not identical across the board, you could easily be bumped into the second (or further) page of search results and miss any potential clients.

Let’s say your business has moved over the years, or changed phone numbers or even undergone a name change. You may not realize it, but the ghost of that old information can still be floating online, confusing customers and hurting your search rankings.

That’s why we suggest viewing our free listing scan report available on our website. Free? Yes, 100% no strings attached free. We don’t need a credit card or email address either for you to access this information. You can see in real time, how your business appears in many of the top online directories and if there are any errors that can be addressed. This NAP information, once updated, can alone increase your ranking and visibility online.  If you find there are multiple errors and are curious on how your website appears or is running  behind the scenes, we strongly recommend reaching out to us. Our highly knowledgeable team of consultants are eager to meet with you to provide a risk free analysis that covers your online visibility and how it could be improved or updated.

Website Audit:

Websites. Love them or hate them, they are a necessity in today’s marketplace. Many would be surprised to know that by just having a website doesn’t immediately land you on the first page of search results when a local customer searches for your product. There is a complex chain of behind the scenes information that feeds from your website to the search engines, and factors such as keywords, formatting and even the number of words in your content decide how you will rank in the search results. Many business have multiple errors on their current website and don’t even realize these errors are happening let alone hurting their online presence and bottom line.

When you meet with a Weblocal consultant, they will also provide you with a Free website audit. This audit scans a number of different factors that determine how your website works from a functional stand point. We can show you what areas can be improved and how to increase your odds if being seen. All of this with no risk to you.


Whether you want us to help grow your business online, get more customers, or maintain what you’ve already built, we’ll get you positioned in a way that keeps you competitive.

We’re offering you an unbiased point of view of your current state online. Our main goal is to be a resource for you to get this information with no strings attached. We want you to succeed and we’re offering you the expertise to do so.

Your analysis will reflect your current online marketing strategies. If we observe any problems, we’ll share this with you during our meeting. If you find yourself wanting to learn more, then we can talk some more. No matter your needs, we can devise a plan that is tailored to your business. With this information in hand, we can create a marketing strategy that best serves your needs while building a win-win, long-term relationship based on integrity and results. When we say we’re here for you, we mean it.

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