5 Online Marketing Trends for 2022

You read that right. How is it already 2022? Don’t ask us. But it’s here, and it’s time to talk about what’s trending in terms of marketing. While quite a bit has changed in the last few years, much has stayed the same, including some of the trends we’ll be talking about today.

Since time is moving at a supersonic speed, we won’t waste any more of it. Let’s jump in!

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1. Content Marketing Still Reigns Supreme

Quality content has always mattered. And with more people online than ever before, it’s even more important. When considering content, remember these key points:

· Your content is often someone’s first impression of your business.

· Your content can make or break turning a lead into a customer.

· Your content must clearly state who you are, what you do, and how you can help.

Your content should be more about the person reading it and less about you. After all, people are coming to you for help with a problem they have. It’s up to you to tell them not only why you’re the one who can solve their problem but also that you understand their problem.

Another thing to consider is adding a blog to your website. Well-written blog posts can be the crème de la crème of a good content marketing strategy. Think of blogs as a way to directly connect with your audience in a casual, relaxed manner. No pressure. No selling. Just sharing valuable content with your audience.

2. Less is More

This one piggybacks off content marketing because not only does it apply to your entire digital marketing strategy, it also applies to your content.

In terms of content, quality always trumps quantity. While your website should still have a decent amount of content, it shouldn’t be filled with keyword-stuffed, meaningless jargon. Make sure you have well-written, enticing content with thoughtfully used keywords.

And when it comes to your entire marketing strategy, you don’t want to spread yourself too thin across too many channels. This usually leads to low performance or a poor return on investment. Instead, you should focus on doing fewer things better. Give more to less. Marketing experts can help determine which channels make the most sense for your unique strategy.

3. Short-Form Video Marketing is a Must

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We’re seeing consumers become increasingly interested in short-form video content. This is likely from the well-known social app, TikTok, exploding in popularity in the past few years. If you haven’t been utilizing short videos in your marketing strategy, now is the time.

Long videos are a great way to explain more in-depth information, but if you’re looking to boost brand awareness and expand your reach, shorter videos are the ticket. Short-form videos will get the attention of your audience and keep them engaged longer.

In order to maximize your reach, we recommend both professional, short-form videos used for SEO purposes as well as laid-back social media video content.

Ask us about our short-form video marketing services.

4. Branch Out on Social Media

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It’s 2022, and most of the world is on social media. It’s a great way to reach new audiences and keep your customers engaged – that is if you’re using it right. Posting to your Facebook page once a month with a ‘TGIF’ post just won’t cut it. From Facebook stories and giveaways to Instagram lives, there are plenty of new things for you to try this year.

5. Take Advantage of User-Generated Content

Not familiar with user-generated content? UGC is any form of content, such as text, images, videos, and audio that has been posted by users on online platforms like social media. It’s one of the most effective social media marketing tactics you can use to engage your audience. This is, in large part, because people love to feel heard, especially when talking about a brand they admire.

User-generated content helps your brand seem relatable to people. More so, it helps people understand why existing customers love your brand so much.

Invite customers to talk about your brand on their personal pages, and reach out to those who have tagged you in posts. Always request permission to share others’ content on your page before doing so. User-generated content is an easy way to get content for your brand and also lets your customers know that their experiences matter. Be sure to encourage and utilize customer reviews too!

Ready to pull in more leads this year? We’re ready to help! Online marketing is kind of our thing, and we’re always ready to talk strategy. Contact us today to kick off the new year with a dynamite online marketing plan.

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