Text Message Marketing – A Smart, New SEO Trend?

Text message marketing, mobile marketing, SMS marketing – no matter what you call it, it’s on the rise!

As consumers, we’re so used to being asked for our name, email address, and phone number, that we almost provide this information mindlessly.

Have you noticed more and more text messages being sent your way to inform you of an upcoming sale, or other promotional events? We’re willing to bet your answer is a yes.

Almost half of the American population checks their smartphones as soon as they wake up, usually while they’re still in bed, according to a ReportLinker survey.

As cited by Over The Top SEO, text messaging is the #1 cell phone activity with more than 80% of American adults texting. On average, a person will spend 23 hours a week texting. Plus, email has a 20% open rate, whereas text messages have a 98% open rate.

With facts such as these, it’s clear text messaging can be a powerful marketing tool. So, when you’re asked to provide your contact information, whether in person or online, don’t be surprised when the text messages start flooding in!

What are the advantages of SMS marketing?

1. With a 98% open rate, your text messages are much more likely to make it to your intended targets as opposed to email, with a low 20% open rate (Mobile Marketing Watch).

2. Tracking who opened your messages and who didn’t is made easy. Many texting platforms help you manage your campaigns right from your desktop. Companies like SendinBlue allow you to connect directly with your targets, track who opens your messages, what links they click on, create personalized messages, and much more!

3. Text message marketing results in more interaction with your targeted consumers. All they have to do is tap on the ‘reply’ button or click on your link. Consumers like easy, and text messages make it so easy for them to interact!

4. Once you press the ‘send’ button, your message goes out immediately. After setting up a campaign, you can have hundreds of clicks within the first few minutes!

5. You can create personalized messages for your target audience. Adding words like “friends” or “you” and “I” can significantly drive up engagement (Neil Patel). People like to feel special, so make them feel special!

6. SMS marketing will improve your mobile SEO. As consumers start to click on the links in your messages and get directed to your mobile website, you’ll quickly see your numbers rise!

SMS marketing is a tough one to argue against when you consider its many advantages. If you’re looking to improve your mobile marketing game, SMS might be the way to go!

If you want to try SMS marketing but don’t know where to start, try one of these platforms that offer FREE trial services:

1. Slick Text

2. ZipWhip
3. EZTexting

In conclusion, SMS marketing has evolved over the years and is growing in popularity as an SEO strategy. If you can get your intended targets to opt-in, they will never miss an offer or update from your company again! You can also pretty much guarantee that your messages won’t sit unopened or unread for days on end.

Neil Patel recommends starting with exclusive offers to generate a lot of subscribers right off the bat. He also recommends sending coupons and photos to your customers, and running polls and sweepstakes using SMS. Your options are limitless.

Remember, create personalized content too. People like to feel special!

Just like any other marketing or SEO strategy, when done right, you’ll watch your ROI grow fast!

We hope you enjoyed this little piece on SMS marketing – we enjoyed learning more and writing about the topic!

Are you going to implement SMS into your existing marketing plan?

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