WebLocal Adds Submission to Amazon Alexa

WebLocal, Inc is proud to announce today a special relationship that allows us access to a global integration with Alexa to give businesses control over the answers Alexa provides about them. With this new relationship, consumers using Alexa for voice search can receive the most up-to-date facts about businesses—locations, contact information, hours of operation, and more—straight from the source: the business itself.

This is all very exciting news for WebLocal and its clients and is a great example of our commitment to our clients to stay on top of the ever changing internet world and to adapt as needed.

WebLocal clients who utilize our Directory Submission service will automatically receive the benefits of the addition of Alexa in the Knowledge Network, and their digital knowledge will sync automatically.

To learn more about WebLocal and how we can help put your business in control of your digital knowledge everywhere, please visit www.WebLocalinc.com.

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