Tips on Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing can seem like a daunting task – posting something new each week, keeping your audience engaged, keeping up with social media trends…there’s a lot to think about.

In today’s world, it’s important to understand the value of keeping up with your social media channels for marketing purposes. Social media posting is a great way to keep customers engaged and up to date with your company.

In this blog post, we are going to discuss five tips on social media marketing.

1. Post Consistently

We can’t stress enough the importance of posting consistently to your social media channels – consistency is key. We advise our clients to post to each one of their social media platforms on a routine schedule, keep their customers up to date with new sales or promotions, and provide any other important information customers might want to hear. Posting often to your social media channels will make your audience feel important and keep them engaged.

2. Develop a Social Media Marketing Plan

In your social media marketing plan, you should outline what your routine posting schedule will look like, as well as the type of content you plan to share. Developing a calendar that outlines the details of when you publish content, and which content you plan to publish, will help keep you on track for success in the social media world.

Your followers are likely following hundreds of other accounts on a variety of social media channels. Therefore, publishing new content as often, if not more often, as majority of accounts out there will help you to not get lost in the mix.

3. Carefully Choose Your Content

The quality of the content you share beats the quantity of content you share. Your audience is not interested in reading long, drawn out posts about anything that does not relate to them. Be picky about the content you share – make it valuable.

Quality content will include:

  • Helpful and informative information
  • Relevant information
  • Entertaining or fun information for your audience

The more frequently you post to your social media channels, and the more valuable the information you share is, the more engaged your audience will be.

4. Interact With Your Audience

Implement this social media marketing tip, and you will quickly notice an improvement in how engaged your audience will be. If you simply share posts with no relevancy, or posts with content that has no value to anyone reading them, you will not have an engaged audience. However, once you start sharing valuable posts that relate to your audience, you will notice more feedback, comments, and reviews on your social media channels. Once you notice this response from your audience, you’ll want to respond to your customers in a professional, positive manner.

Interacting with your audience will included:

  • Sharing posts with content that demands the attention of your audience
  • Receiving comments, tags, and reviews from your audience
  • Responding to posts from your audience in a professional, positive manner

Once you start interacting with your audience on social media, you’ll find that your social media game is now a two-way street. You want to encourage conversation on your social media channels, as well as participate in the conversations that take place.

5. Share Pictures Often

Last, but not least, you should be sharing pictures with your audience on all of your social media channels. We don’t recommend just posting any pictures, but high quality pictures that capture the nature of your company, products or services. Examples of valuable pictures that you could share might include: a picture of a product you’re running a new promotion on, a new hire employee, or someone performing a service you provide. The value of the subject in the picture and the quality of the picture are incredibly important. Do not share any photo that might be blurry in image, too dark or light to see the subject, or low resolution. High quality pictures will grab the attention of your audience members who want something to look at, not read.

Depending on your business’s current situation and objectives, an effective social media plan may consist of different layers that are suitable for you. This might include post engagements (organic or paid) and/or paid Ads, with different objectives available for your Ad choice. Paid post engagements or Ads can improve the visibility of your business simply by paying for your post or Ad to be seen by people within your targeting demographics. If you are looking for more detailed advice, or help with putting together a specific social media plan, contact us and we can get you in touch with one of our local consultants.

We hope you try implementing these five social media marketing tips and share your success with others. You’ll quickly start to establish your brand’s presence in the social media world and build an engaged audience. Get out there and put your stamp on social media.

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